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Wifimanager Türkçe Ayarları

ESP Cihazlar için kullanılan yapılandırma yardımcısı tzapu tarafında yapılan Wifimanager kütüphanesi için türkçeleştirme dosyası WiFiManager.h dosyasında 134. satırdaki ingilizceyi değiştirmeniz yeterli..!


※ Note: The ESP8266 has a 3.3V operating voltage. In this guide, 5V is applied to the RX and TX pins of the ESP8266, so the ESP8266 board may be broken. ※ Due to a bug in the WiFiEsp library, sensor data transmission is possible, but actuator commands can not be received at arduino side.

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ESP8266 – AT Command Reference

Historically AT commands are based on the Hayes Command Set and these are no different.

AT Commands

Index of all known AT commands

BasicWiFI layerTCPIP Layer

ESP8266 AT Command and Configuration

For work mode 1

(Cell phones carry on the WiFi module directly.)

Open the “USR-TCP232-Test-V1.3” serial debugging software on the PC, send the following commands step by step:

  • AT+CWMODE=2, select AP mode;
  • AT+RST, reset;
  • AT+CIPMUX=1, open multiple connections;
  • AT+CIPSERVER=1,8080, configure the TCP server, set the port number;
  • AT+CIFSR, view the IP address in AP mode, such as: APIP, “″;
  • AT+CIOBAUD=9600, set Baud rate to 9600.