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Configure WiFi Connections

Establish a Wireless Connection

This section will show how to establish a wifi connection to the wireles network. Note that directly connecting will implicitly create a connection (that can be seen with “nmcli c”). The naming of such will follow “SSID N” pattern, where N is a number.

First, determine the name of the WiFi interface:

$ nmcli d
DEVICE             TYPE      STATE         CONNECTION
wlan0              wifi      disconnected     --

Network setup in DOS. Microsoft Network Client 3.0

In order to install Microsoft Network Client 3.0 and set up network in DOS, there have to be several programs at hand:

1Microsoft Network Client 3.0 [ Download ]

2. NDIS 2.0 driver for Ethernet network card. For example: Realtek RTL8029AS [ Download ]. Drivers for other network cards may be found, for instance, on web sites of Ethernet cards manufacturers.

3. If it is not MS-DOS 6.0+ to be used, QEMM97 [ Download ]