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Mining Duino-Coin


This is a short and dirty guide on how to start mining Duino-Coin (DUCO) on a raspberry Pi ( Pi 3+ and higher )

1 – Create a DUCO webwallet here:

2 – Using the official Raspberry Pi Imaging software, flash a micro SD card with “RASPBERRY PI OS LITE (32-BIT)

rasbi lite 32.JPG

3 – When flashing is complete. Eject the micro SD card and then put it back into your PC and create a file called “SSH” ( no “.txt” extension!!!) and place it in the root directory of the drive with a label of “BOOT”.
This will allow you to connect up the Pi headless and use Putty to connect to it remotely!

4 – Eject micro SD card and install it into the Pi micro SD card slot and connect network and power to the device.. in a few seconds ( 20 – 30 ) it should boot and you can find it’s IP from your router or using an IP scanner.

5 – Using Putty, SSH to your Pi and run the following commands: ( default user: pi / default password: raspberry )


Change the default password to something else and document it!!

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Get any updates and software patches

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip git

Install python and dependencies for mining software

git clone https://github.com/revoxhere/duino-coin

Clone duino-coin mining software from git

sudo apt install screen

Install screen so you can log off the Pi and keep the mining going in a background screen

cd duino-coin

Change to proper directory

screen bash

Start a fresh screen

python3 PC_Miner.py

Launch the miner software!

After answering a few questions you should get messages like this:


Note: To leave the current screen and then be able to log out: “ctrl+a” then “d”
To reconnect to a screen: “screen -r”

To have mining start right after a reboot:

crontab -e

Pick option 1 ( NANO )
At the very end of the file add:

@reboot screen -dm bash -c “cd ~/duino-coin; python3 PC_Miner.py”

“ctrl+o” then enter then “ctrl+x” to save the file.

To verify.. reboot the Pi ( sudo reboot ) then log in and “screen -r” to verify.

View your mining stats on your webwallet page: https://wallet.duinocoin.com/

In case you worried about CPU temps, issue this command and divide the result by 1000 to obtain human readable temps ( in C )

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Example result: 47225

47225 / 1000 = 47.22 C = nice and cool after a few hours of mining! Bad temps would be in the high 90’s!!

Happy mining!

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  1. Cheeky Cheeky

    Malesef crontab -e ile yeni yazılımda otomatik başlangıç yapılmıyor systemd dosyası oluşturmak gerekli Mustafa Bey. İstirham ederim ?

    • Servis oluşturulmadıysa haklısınız Cheeky bey, ilginizden ötürü teşekkür ederim.

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