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RX470 4Gb Til the end !

Since the DAG size ETH to exceed the capacities of 4Gb cards. It is still possible to use them (for a few weeks only) to mine ETH, thanks to the newer miner zombie mode.

Not finding affordable 8gb cards, I bought 4 4gb cards for nothing, with the aim of making them profitable as quickly as possible.

4 good old RX470 4gb Sapphire, I want to use them on ETH until the end! Before switching to ETC or RVN.

For now, it’s still profitable, but for how long?

I am using lolminer v1.19, with param –4g-alloc-size 4080, and obviously HiveOs

This is my overclock params :


VDD 810

MEM 2100


Today 29 January 2021, I have :

– With CORE1100 -> 61.75 MH/s, for 245 w . Temperature between 55° and 65°. (miner has reboot 1 time)

– With CORE1000 -> 57 MH/s, for 230 w . Temperature between 48° and 60° (Very stable)

About 15.2Mh for 61w per card

I do not have flash or change Vbios for now.

I would like to have your opinion on the power of hash VS consumption of my little rig, and I obviously take all the advice 🙂

[EDIT] : 16.2Mh using when changing lolminer to TRM

[EDIT 31/01/2021] : Hash is now about 14,50 Mh per card. Still the most profitable for me


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